How Vaping CBD Aids In The Treatment Of Anxiety

Depression symptoms are something that no one can live with it for a long time. Although there are a few medicines available for treating depression, unfortunately all these medicines can produce lots of unpleasant side effects. Due to this reason, many sufferers prefer to use CBD oil to get relief from their symptoms.

So far, substantial clinical evidences are not available that shows CBD products will really help patients with depression, but few studies are published related to this.

Washington State University in 2018, tried to look at how those having clinical depression had reacted to CBD and cannabis. This study had concluded that if CBD is mixed with THC, then the outcome can be better rather than just CBD alone. Surely, CBD can impact on symptoms of depressive symptoms.

With animal trial, CBD produced preliminary evidence that suggests that CBD can be beneficial to fight against depression. Also, we cannot dispute about few anecdotal evidence obtained from CBD users themselves.

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How CBD oil may help depression

There can be many factors that can cause depression such as:

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Different medical problems

CBD is nowadays explored more because depression treatment may able to regulate certain whack brain chemicals. Since CBD can interact with our ECS, and also we know that ECS is related to our mood regulation, hence there is surely some chance that CBD can help people with depression.

Such reasoning also makes sense to various scientists, and few studies have also provided evidence in support of this idea. However, so far all these are only theories, and no sufficient hard evidence is available to be sure.

A study done in Switzerland in 2014 with mice suggests, CBD has certain antidepressant properties. Rodents were tested by using both CBD and antidepressant Imipramine. Researchers found that CBD and also Imipramine worked in reducing various depression symptoms.

In fact, Imipramine is tricyclic antidepressant, which helps depression by enhancing concentration of our brain chemicals within the gaps between the cells that need for mood regulation.

Hence, it really makes sense that by using CBD, one can get similar effects, due to its connection with ECS.

Since, depression is a very serious medical condition, and hence it should be always treated by medical professional. Many people, with approval of doctor use CBD for fighting against depression symptoms, either alone or in combination with traditional treatment.

Often people turn to CBD, as traditional antidepressant medications always come with certain side effects that they dislike or they don’t offer sufficient relief that they need.

Study on mice conducted in 2014 concluded, CBD may be effective with certain types of brain receptors known as 5HT1A receptors that are involved in balancing various brain chemicals, which govern depression processes.

Traditional antidepressant drugs can also work on all these receptors. However, so far this is just a theory and not yet been confirmed. With the current evidences available, still it is not fully known to us, how CBD reacts to various receptors in our body.